National Culture Heritage Project

The ISA Charity Fund started a three-year, fee-free course on national culture heritage in 2019, in collaboration with the Education Development Foundation of Sun Yat-sen University, committing an annual funding of RMB 100,000. The project’s focus is to educate citizens on the subject of Chinese cultural heritage and use it to strengthen national cohesion.

Young People with Disabilities, Ambassador Project

In 2019, the ISA Charity Fund first participated in funding the Disabled Youth Ambassador Programme of the Guangdong Disabled Education Development Foundation, which aims to provide internship opportunities for young people with disabilities and subsidizes internship salaries to help these young people gain work experience so that they can better adapt and integrate into social life.

Classroom Book Corner

To improve the lack of library resources in rural schools, the ISA Charity Fund participated in the "Classroom Book Corner" project of Fujian Province's “Take Action in Education” Foundation, in December 2020. The project supported the construction and operation of a book corner at Zhuyuan School in Tanchang County, Gansu Province, with a grant of RMB12,000.

Education Support Project

This is a continuous education support project of the Guangdong Charity Orphan Association that the ISA Charity Fund participated in 2019. The ISA Charity Fund has agreed to allocate a regular annual funding to support 10 students of rural school for their study costs.